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The Feed2Go iPad Feedback App for your best practice mobile survey.
Just use and analyze results immediately in the palm of your hand.

Get Meaningful Answers

Your Digital Questionnaire

Clear & Easy to Understand

All questions are placed in a logical sequence, easily understood and quickly answerable.

Multi-dimensional Answer Options

Generate ratings, research relevance, define texts and select values, or just let your creativity run wild in formulating answers in your own words. Let emotions “talk” and capture feelings of well-being, interest, attraction, trust, loyalty and recommendations with the “Emotion Elements”.

Focus Question

Highlight the relevant question for your success.

Simply Clever Questions

Interesting questions yield interesting responses. Learn via clever questioning what until now had remained unrevealed.

Always meets the right use case

Just choose the best layout

Flexible and selectable at any time

Whether you need a checklist, questionnaire, lead generation or a question per page in portrait or landscape format, simply choose the best layout for your use case.

One Question per Page

Respondents can quickly capture and answer the question displayed, and the next question is automatically displayed for answering.

Many questions on one page

Fast, reliable, motivated answers – no matter the amount of questions – that are easily grasped and recorded.

Here we go!

Start the survey tailor-made and secure for your process as an interview, iPad handover or kiosk operation so that you receive meaningful answers immediately.

Feed2Go - iPad Survey App Thank_You

Get Noticed by Eliciting Emotions & Impressions

Thank You Page

Eye Catchers

We provide prominent places for the integration of special eye catchers, like a “Thank You” page. You can also design the kiosk and selection pages to catch the viewers’ eye and motivate people to join in.


Characterize your brand and yourself with colors, pictures and videos, arousing emotions.


Place key messages center-stage or just convey a heartfelt “thank you”.

Latest News

Promote a current campaign or highlight your most important message.

Obvious Results that are Clear & Easy to Understand

Results Summary

Return Rate

See at a glance HOW MUCH comes back. Possible filters: trends, running time, and weekday summaries.

Question and Answer Charts

See at a glance, WHAT returns. Filter facilities: per individual answer type with ascending and descending results.

Complaints Alert

Notice immediately when a complaint is entered and immediately forward it as needed.

Focus Question

See at a glance the overall result of your focus questions, or delve into the results of each question.

Analyze Responses Immediately & in Detail for each Questionnaire

Individual Evaluation

Get Feedback

Use the analysis of the results to discover the possibilities and use the experiences to move you and your business forward.

Table View

Get insights into each questionnaire: Which replies did you receive when.

Response Overview

Know the answers to your questions immediately.

Share Results

Send the answers in CSV format, as a PDF or share the charts in your preferred social media channels.

Design Everything Centrally & Individually


Interview / iPad Handover / Kiosk

Define your application fields for this iPad Feedback App in Personal Contact (Interview, Single/Group Survey) or in the Kiosk.

Base Settings

Manage pictures, PDFs and videos (media manager); define respondent languages (language management) and survey process settings (cancellation settings, group mode, respondent run).

Create and Edit Content

Create a new questionnaire, use a template, copy an existing page to fit your questions, or receive easily a questionnaire from your colleague.

Manage the Flow

Activate, terminate, or pause questionnaires, and manage the six flexible components: add-on questions, thank you pages, latest news, agreement, kiosk page and selection page – tailored to your needs.

The iPad Feedback App is available in:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Malay
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Turkish

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