Create & conduct surveys
wherever you go

very simple & user-friendly
and on one page

pass them directly on to respondents

through small groups

and/or use as a
standalone unit (kiosk mode)

Highly flexible

it's customizable and it works – anytime & everywhere

tailor-made questions
for every use scenario

full functionality available offline

at every touchpoint

close to or within the user experience

better understand
& assess your clients

discover insights

interests, desires
& preferences

ratings & relevance

behaviors & emotions

praise & complaints

Know what
you can improve

to win your customers' voice & heart

more interested parties

more customers

more regular customers

more recommendations

The iPad Survey App Feed2Go!
Design, conduct and analyze surveys right on your iPad - wherever you are,
on or offline.

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Fits Anywhere, Anytime

Quick Interviews

Ad-hoc interviews? Group interviews?

No Problem! Start your chosen questionnaire and record the answers real time.

Single Survey

Single Survey

Instant and direct individual feedback?

Load the iPad with the questionnaire of your choice and give it to the respondent. You won’t find feedback that is more targeted or reliable.

Group Survey

Group Survey

Lots of results in one shot?

Select the questionnaire of your choice and let the iPad be passed freely around in a group. A prompt to pass it on to the next person automatically pops up until the iPad is back in your hands.

Kiosk Survey

Totally independent answers on different topics?

Load up the iPad at your desired survey location. All kinds of different questionnaires can be selected directly, and the app automatically controls the whole survey process.

Animated Kiosk

Use an attention grabber

to draw the respondents’ focus to the screen and get them to answer your questions. Simply use an interesting video, PDF or picture to woo respondents.

Fixed Questionnaire Kiosk

You only need one questionnaire for regular quick surveys?

Then permanently display the questionnaire on the screen. Easy-to-use and fully automated.


multidimensional feedbacks

Separate Answers

Assign the ideal feedback element to each question such as rating, relevance, selection (multiple choice possible) , free text and emotions (sense of well-being, interest, attention, trust, loyalty, recommendation).

focus question

Focus question

Highlight the most relevant question for your success.

add on questions

Automatic add-on questions

You can automatically add questions to each feedback page to generate demographic and behavioral data, settings or preferences.

prepared feedback templates

Professional templates

Use the five built-in templates to start right away or as a pool of ideas to save precious time in phrasing & typing.

scheduling feedback pages

Perfect management

Schedule or pause feedback pages for total flexibility in use and preliminary planning.

managing media

Media manager

Manage all of your pictures, PDFs & videos via Media Manager in order to juggle and constantly maintain an overview.


feedbacks on one page

Always on one Page

Fast, reliable, motivated answers – no matter the amount of questions – that are easily grasped and recorded.

multilingual feedback


Built-in templates available in 18 languages. You can use any questionnaire in one or multiple languages and add new one individually.

Same survey - any number of iPads

Same survey - any number of iPads

Use the same feedback pages and questionnaires on any number of iPads to maximize capabilities and responses.

feature thank you page

Thank you page

Boost your brand with catchy pictures/videos, or just say a heartfelt “thanks”!

feature latest news

Latest news

Use yellow “post-its” for your most important messages or “to do’s” that stick in the memory.

feature agreement view

Consent Agreement

If needed, you can activate a consent form  (e.g privacy agreement) via text, picture or PDF.

Multiple users - individual permissions

Set up multiple users with their own individual permissions to manage them perfectly.

iPad and feedback security

iPad security & protection

Define individual sign-ins & passwords for top security.

Unlimited Use*)

The survey app can be used offline as well: Create questionnaires, conduct surveys and evaluate results. Everything’s possible anytime – even without Internet access!


feature realtime results dashboard

Instant results

All results are immediately displayed: return rates, question and answer charts, focus questions and detailed results from every feedback page.

complaints alert

Complaint Alarm

Tune into negative feedback fast by activating the Complaint Alarm, reacting and nipping them in the bud!

unified report

Unified report (single language)

No matter how many different languages a survey uses, responses are automatically merged into a unified, a single-language report.

Individual evaluation

Evaluate each questionnaire and answer immediately and clearly, getting the info that will move you and your business forward.

Export & social-sharing

Social Sharing

Share charts, PDFs, praise, suggestions or ideas directly with your target groups.

Exporting Results

Export the survey results via CSV format for further evaluation with Apple Numbers, MS Excel or your preferred analysis app.

The iPad Survey App where you alone control the data!

*) Feed2Go does not store data in iCloud, nor are data sent from the app to a third party server. Therefore, everything you do in the app, as well as the survey results, remains within your own control on your iPad.

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